Christmas Centrepieces & Florals – Enjoy Them Through the Season and Beyond!

No table is complete without a centrepiece! The gorgeous arrangement of flowers, candles, and decorations make for a beautiful and memorable visual anchor for your next gathering or event. A centrepiece is defined simply as the collection or arrangement of items to be used as a decorative focal point on a dining table or to hold […]

Transition Your Pots, Containers, Centrepieces from Summer to Fall With Ease… And Us!

If you live here full time, we’ve got you covered providing you with design services that you’ll enjoy day in and day out. Part-timers… let US stage your space, taking on the transition to autumn,  providing welcoming charm for your next arrival! Sigh… I guess it’s that time again. Literally, overnight the days have become so much […]

Autumn Staging Decor for Your Home, Business, or Outdoors

Outside of Christmas, autumn offers one of THE best and most fun opportunities to spruce up any space! Vivid, bold colours; delicious, earthy textures; and themes of harvest and bounty. All make for so much glorious inspiration to create beautiful and festive designs and decor to last through to stringing the ol’ Christmas lights. More […]

Home Wall Decor – Let Your Individuality Shine!

As evidenced by the popularity of home decor shows and websites, decorating the home has become big – and very serious! – business. And while there is a comprehensive list a mile long addressing the various dos and don’ts, your home decor really doesn’t have to be that complicated. You don’t have to take that […]

Flower Tips: Make Those Precious Flowers Last!

Summer is almost upon us and chances are you’ll find yourself surrounded by more fresh flowers now than at any other time of the year; we LOVE summer!! Whether it be from your own garden, farmers market, or your local florist, so many floral varieties are in season and ready to be enjoyed.  A beautiful […]

Beyond Baby’s Breath: Beautiful & Economical Alternatives!

Baby’s breath, or Gypsophila, has become the go-to in recent years for pretty floral simplicity.  Not only do the tiny blooms provide lovely, delicate filler for more intricate floral arrangements and bouquets; but also for creating simple, country garden arrangements in and of themselves. Without a doubt, and at first blush, it does seem_quite perfect in […]

Clean Your Air! 6 of the Best Plants for Air Purification

The wonderful thing about spring is that we’re now able to throw open our windows and doors and let in some much needed fresh air after such a long, cold winter.  But, as we Canadians know, the time we’re able to enjoy open windows and doors is very short.  That said, there is another great […]

New In Store: Flowering Plant & Tropical Greens Galore!

This recent blast of spring-like weather along with the massive shipment of flowering plants and tropical greens has us very excited! In addition to creating incredible arrangements with our huge variety of cut flowers we get to play, letting the creative energy loose, with the new selection of flowering plants and various tropical greens just […]

Valentines Day Fun! A Few Great Arts & Crafts For Kids… Big & Small!

No matter your feelings about Valentines Day as holiday, any excuse to indulge in a special meal, some bubbly, washed down with sweet chocolate treats – oh, and a few extra hugs & kisses! – in the dead of winter is a reason to celebrate! If you’re looking for something creative to do with incredibly […]

Keeping Your Fresh Cut Flowers Alive… and Looking Fresh!

You’ve just received the most lovely gift of fresh cut flowers.  You’d love nothing more that for this beautiful bouquet to last and last so as to honour not only the vibrant gift itself, but also the one who gifted. Here are a few tried and true, albeit rather unusual, tricks to keep your fresh […]