Home Wall Decor – Let Your Individuality Shine!

Home Wall Decor – Let Your Individuality Shine!

Home Wall Decor – Let Your Individuality Shine!

As evidenced by the popularity of home decor shows and websites, decorating the home has become big – and very serious! – business. And while there is a comprehensive list a mile long addressing the various dos and don’ts, your home decor really doesn’t have to be that complicated. You don’t have to take that big step down the rabbit hole of redecorating or renovation to bring individuality and style to your home or office, it can simply come down to the choices you make with regards to what hangs on your walls, and how.
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Look to wall decor to bring life and individuality to every room

Wall decor is an easy way to add punch and drama to a space. It’s also a great way to reflect your individuality and personality in any room. From fine art photography to multi-media collage, the options are really quite endless when considering how you might jazz up the decor of any space while conveying your own unique aesthetic and taste. Perfect coordination of decor tells something of an one dimensional tale. It simply conveys that you follow the trends, accepting decorating rules, and in many ways, denying your own unique style and interests.  Incorporating interesting and eclectic accessories provides for a more accurate and vivid story about you, your loved ones, and the experiences you’ve had offering a much richer, more in-depth and intriguing expression of who you are.

Your home needs only to appeal to you. It should feel distinctly yours.

When you’re looking to decorate, look for pieces that infuse your personality into your space. Rules schmules! Your home should be a celebration of who you are and what inspires and moves you. Here are a few creative ideas to help ensure that your home is a reflection of you, your interests, your experiences.
Perfect for the cottage!
Perfect for the cottage!
Perfect for the cottage!

Create a Gallery Wall

Showcase who you are and what’s special to you! Create a fun and dramatic focal point, either a portion of a wall or go bold, floor to ceiling. This is a quick and easy way to help your space feel more like you. Decide what it is you want to highlight or show off. Photography, artwork, movie posters, vintage signage, or any combination thereof, whatever might be of interest to you. Aim for like or complementary colour scheme, material, or theme. Decide on the arrangement of your items – lay everything out on the table or floor before you start hammering nails! Play with the layout until you’re satisfied.
Great quote signage for that gallery wall!

Consider a Pattern

An interesting arrangement of mirrors, perhaps. Maybe it’s a collection of vintage picture frames. Your complementary pieces of wall art might be best presented in an interesting display. A pattern in your wall decor will definitely result in something of a statement, and the pattern you choose is entirely up to you as determined by the strength of each piece individually. Make sure it works with the general statement of the rest of the space and let the colours in your artwork inform the colour palette to ensure compatibility.

Accent Shelving

Narrow, low profile accent shelving is a great way to display wall decor. It adds dimension, but also the ability to layer pieces providing depth and a multidimensional aesthetic. It’s a great way to add personality to any space while also providing a showcase for your wall decor. Be sure to incorporate favourite items, old and new – family mementos and travel souvenirs are fabulous additions! – in ways that showcase your style and tastes. As with the artwork itself, look for shelving that accurately reflects your personality and taste. It can be metal, glass, or simply blend into the walls to more dramatically feature the wall decor that rests upon it. To achieve the desired eclectic results, look for a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes of items, maybe mixing old and new, to keep your display visually appealing and providing visual interest as well. Bring the pieces together in an arrangement that compliments each individual item while providing cohesion. You’ll know it when the arrangement feels right.
3 dimensional, multi-media artwork adds drama and interest.

Texture and Lighting

Texture and lighting can make a huge difference! Look for tapestry, multi-media, wall sculpture or ornate wall plaques. Mix and match a variety of textures and designs in complementary colors and patterns and shadow and light work wonders to bringing depth and dimension to any display. Strategically placed lights can help to draw attention to a particularly special piece.
Oversized antique clocks – the perfect statement!
Lucky for you Inspire Floral Boutique is chock full of a beautiful selection of interesting and unique wall decor pieces. We’ve also got some incredible complementary decor options to choose from. Perfect for home, cottage, office, man-cave, or she-shed!