Cool Product Feature: WoodWick Candles

Cool Product Feature:  WoodWick Candles

Cool Product Feature: WoodWick Candles

There is nothing quite like the cool nip of autumn to get you thinking cosy and WoodWick Candles are perfect to help take off the chill!

WoodWick Candles at Inspire Floral We all have and enjoy candles. Gentle light, pretty scents, they bring a sense of welcome and warmth to any space, not to mention a wonderful feeling of relaxation almost as soon as we light them. If you’re a fan of candles then have we got something special for you! WoodWick Candles.

A Fireplace in a Jar

The name really says it all. Rather than the cotton wick used in most candles, WoodWick has wicks made of wood. Perhaps this doesn’t sound that unique or interesting, but what makes these candles so unusual is the soothing crackling sound the wooden wick makes as it burns. Almost like you’re actually sitting before a crackling fireplace! 

A WoodWick candle, or your crackling fireplace in a jar, make for an experience for all the senses. With the wide, short wick, which is made from organic wood, when lit, the candle emanates the distinctive crackling sound. There are several scents and styles available and WoodWick has created a range of products to appeal to almost every taste, fruity, floral, woodsy or spicy. The Virginia Candle Company claims on their website that their products combine “the soothing sound of a crackling fire with premium fragrances for the ultimate candle-burning experience!” They also guarantee that their products will “nourish your senses and enhance your home decor.” WoodWick candles WoodWick candles are a product of Virginia Gift Brands in the United States. As the name suggests, these candles are made in Virginia, almost exclusively at a factory near the small, scenic city of Lynchburg. The Virginia Candle Company, the developer of WoodWick candles, began back in 1997 as a small mom & pop creative operation out of a Lynchburg, VA garage. The company is built on the foundation of making innovative and pure home interior products. As such, only high-quality and environmentally responsible materials and ingredients go into each WoodWick candle.  These principles are why the small mom and pop shop’s WoodWick candles became instantly popular. The Virginia Candle Company formulates their fragrance blends with great care ensuring consistency of quality in their products. The company also prides itself on using and developing renewable and natural resources, including organic wicks, natural wax and fine essential oils.

It’s not even the wooden wick that John Fontana, chief executive officer of Smith Mountain Industries, says makes WoodWick so popular, but the candles’ scent. 

“We’re really a fragrance business,” Fontana told Lynchburg’s local paper. “The candle is just a way to get the fragrance into the atmosphere.”

WoodWick is a classic story of a tiny little home-made brand gone global. Throughout massive growth and dozens of powerful, soy blend scents, they’ve kept two things consistent: their eponymous wooden candle wicks, and their home base at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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