Flower Trends: The Cool Floral Twist That Is Greenery!

Flower Trends:  The Cool Floral Twist That Is Greenery!

Flower Trends: The Cool Floral Twist That Is Greenery!

We all know that greens do a body good… but did you ever consider them to make up the bulk of a bouquet.  It’s a trend that swept this past year and, to our great pleasure, will continue through next season. I know that when you think of a floral bouquet or arrangement, most of us simply default to flowers.  And, for good reason… as you might have read in an earlier post, flowers are just so powerfully beneficial, for the body, mind, and spirit! And, while we’d encourage you to look to flowers to help heal what ails you, incorporating them into any event big or small, let’s look at the beautiful simplicity of lush foliage and delicate greens that, in the right hands, provide such unique and eye-catching results we just have to share. Flowers will never go out of style, of course, but this lovely trend offers such a great spin on the traditional bouquet, and the use of various greens is such a great surprise alternative when used for a wedding or to decorate a space.

As greenery and foliage come in so many beautiful shades, textures, and interesting shapes, there is a ton of opportunity for creativity, whether for the bride or her bridesmaids to carry down the aisle, a gorgeous centrepiece or a simple gift.

Limiting the arrangement to only greens certainly doesn’t compromise  the drama or effect.  Turn heads with elegant, wispy trails and tendrils in a dramatic cascade; or a simple, all-foliage posy, understated in it’s use of only a couple of types of greenery.

Want it large and playful, or perhaps boho chic?  Rather than colour, greens allow size and texture to make a bouquet stand out.  A collection of beautifully arranged greens, less structured, cascading, and free-flowing feels unfussy, drawing on the range of hues, deep green and fresh.

Looking for more delicacy?  It only takes two elements to convey elegance in a bouquet.  Consider assorted ferns – light and airy – delicate viburnum berries, and perhaps variegated caladium.  Refined, organic and sophisticated, and a total statement… with not a flower in sight!

Oh my, how love flowers and the bold, beautiful colour that so often sustains us.  However, when you consider the power of simple greenery and the understated, organic impact it affords, it opens up a whole new world – greens are gorgeous!