Christmas Centrepieces & Florals – Enjoy Them Through the Season and Beyond!

No table is complete without a centrepiece! The gorgeous arrangement of flowers, candles, and decorations make for a beautiful and memorable visual anchor for your next gathering or event. A centrepiece is defined simply as the collection or arrangement of items to be used as a decorative focal point on a dining table or to hold […]

Gifts for Your Hostess at Thanksgiving

You may be surprised to learn that there is actually an official tradition of gifting your hostess. It finds its beginnings from the long-held notion that when you’ve been invited to someone’s home, you immediately reciprocate the offer with an invitation of your own. This tradition has evolved from the gesture of returning a favour into […]

Thanksgiving Florals: Arrangements & Centrepieces

From out of nowhere, it seems, Thanksgiving is literally just around the corner… where on earth did July and August go?!?! That means it’s time to get preparations underway for family gatherings and beautiful feasts, made only that more lovely and memorable with the help of gorgeous seasonal flower arrangements and centrepieces. After all, there’s […]

More than Mums! Fall Planters & Containers With Vivre!

Given our love of autumn and our how much we adore fall planter and container gardens that, depending on the weather, can carry through to almost winter, we thought it fun to explore the alternatives beyond the ubiquitous Mums. Chances are your summer container arrangements are still vibrant and lovely, actually thriving in these crisp […]

Transition Your Pots, Containers, Centrepieces from Summer to Fall With Ease… And Us!

If you live here full time, we’ve got you covered providing you with design services that you’ll enjoy day in and day out. Part-timers… let US stage your space, taking on the transition to autumn,  providing welcoming charm for your next arrival! Sigh… I guess it’s that time again. Literally, overnight the days have become so much […]

Autumn Staging Decor for Your Home, Business, or Outdoors

Outside of Christmas, autumn offers one of THE best and most fun opportunities to spruce up any space! Vivid, bold colours; delicious, earthy textures; and themes of harvest and bounty. All make for so much glorious inspiration to create beautiful and festive designs and decor to last through to stringing the ol’ Christmas lights. More […]