Yum! Tasty Homemade Fudge & the Lovely Makenna!

Yum! Tasty Homemade Fudge & the Lovely Makenna!

Yum! Tasty Homemade Fudge & the Lovely Makenna!

Summer is in full swing and we are so excited to have added some terrific new products to our already chock-full shop just in time for the summertime rush! We’ll also take advantage of this opportunity to introduce you to our summer student, Makenna Taylor, who, if you find yourself at the local Farmers Markets, will become very familiar to you… in the sweetest way possible!

Happy Accident Turned Fresh, Sweet, Buttercreamy, Mouthwatering, Dreamy, Homemade Fudgey Goodness!

Ooooooohhh!  Yum!  Gourmet buttercream fudge!  This is our Official Announcement of Inspire’s Fudge Factory… And it’s a must!  Made here in Invermere, BC with a whole line up of inspiring and extraordinary flavours to choose from! Inspire Floral Design homemade fudge Fudge, and American invention and only a tad over a hundred years old, is a rather new phenomenon when compared to the long and esteemed history of many other sweets.  It’s believed that the creamy treat was the result of a rather happy accident while making some other confection – perhaps the amounts of sugar and chocolate were mistakenly inverted, or an ingredient omitted, while making the more long-standing favourites, toffee or caramel. As mistakes go, this one turned out to be quite welcome! Exactly when this delicious bloopers occurred is unknown.  Dictionaries from as early as 1811 define fudge as simply “nonsense”.  Later the definition is fleshed out to include, “to fabricate or contrive in a careless or blundering manner; bungle.”  Hence the term “fudge” when describing a bit of a misstep or mistake. As the term pertains to food, there is no mention of fudge in the comprehensive authority on confectionary cooking of the time, a cookbook by J.M. Sanderson, published in 1849. There is, however, one account of fudge defined as sweet treat in the archives of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.  A letter, written in 1921, reveals that fudge was first made and sold at a senior auction in 1892.

While the mystery of the confection’s beginnings may never truly be known, what is widely understood is that it’s a creamy, delicious, and irresistable treasure appreciated by all ages and walks of life and there’s no doubt that we’re all grateful that such a sweet accident occurred!

Inspire certainly is!  Our candy and chocolates are so very popular, we thought it a great idea to expand on our selection of delicious sweets to bring our own fresh, handmade, buttercreamy version of this happy accident!  It’s such a popular and delicious treat and we are excited to launch with classic favs like maple nut, chocolate walnut, chocolate peanut butter and mint chocolate fudge. They’ll all be available along with a whole assortment of other yummy gourmet seasonal flavours at the upcoming summer Farmer’s Markets in Invermere and Radium. Inspire Floral Design homemade fudge Find us at the Invermere Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 9 am – 1pm, starting this weekend, July 14th; and the Radium Market every Friday starting July 20th.  You can also  come check out our in-store assortment any day of the week during store hours. Not only will you get to try our wonderful, delicious fudge but you’ll also get to meet the lovely Makenna, as she will be our production gal while also selling it from our market stalls.

Summer Student Makenna Taylor Making Money Making Fudge… Now There’s a Summer Job!

Tracy Connery Photography INSPIRE Floral Design Staff portraits Makenna Makenna will be the go-to girl when it comes to our fudge this summer.  While she’s eagerly jumped on board to be a big part of our fudge making operation, she’s also happy to help you with any questions you may have in the store, as she’s a friendly and eager addition to our sales team. Having loved the store as a shopper, she was excited to become a part of the Inspire family and joined us earlier this year.  Since then she’s become very knowledgable about everything Inspire and is so pleased to work with the rest of the staff. Like many who browse the store, Makenna is particularly fond of the collection of humorous signage that decorates the walls of the shop, delighting so many who come into the store.  She describes Inspire Floral Design as beautiful, elegant, and friendly and Makenna feels fortunate to work in a place where she not only enjoys the surroundings, but also her talented colleagues.  She’s also “super excited” to be making fudge! When she’s not at school or working at Inspire, Makenna enjoys rugby, hunting and fishing, dirt biking and spending time with her family and friends. We are so lucky to have such a wonderfully eager and open-minded young employee as Makenna and look forward to seeing her make her mark in the new Inspire Fudge Factory this summer – another special and valuable member of our remarkable team!   SaveSave