Beyond Baby’s Breath: Beautiful & Economical Alternatives!

Baby’s breath, or Gypsophila, has become the go-to in recent years for pretty floral simplicity.  Not only do the tiny blooms provide lovely, delicate filler for more intricate floral arrangements and bouquets; but also for creating simple, country garden arrangements in and of themselves. Without a doubt, and at first blush, it does seem_quite perfect in […]

Bouquets With NO Flowers?! Pinecones: A Beautiful & Unique Alternative!

When we think of bridal bouquets usually the first thing we think of is, of course, flowers. For most brides and their bridesmaids a classic floral bouquet is an essential, and certainly we are inclined to agree!  It’s our favourite bridal accessory and one we have invested our livelihood in. However, that said, while flowers and […]