What Your Favourite Flower Says About You!

I think it’s fair to say that we all have our own favourite flower. As you consider the delicate bloom that holds a special place in your heart, have you ever looked a little more deeply into why it holds such favour?  Or, deeper still, what might that fave flower actually reveal about you? Let’s […]

June Workshops: It’s All About APC Chalk Paint!

Oh my!  What a lovely beginning we’re having to soon-to-summer!  The weather is so inspiring and, with all this warm weather and sunshine, there’s no better time to start a beautiful new home and garden project and we’re here to provide you a jump-start with our terrific, albeit somewhat lighter, lineup of June workshops.  Choose […]

Beyond Baby’s Breath: Beautiful & Economical Alternatives!

Baby’s breath, or Gypsophila, has become the go-to in recent years for pretty floral simplicity.  Not only do the tiny blooms provide lovely, delicate filler for more intricate floral arrangements and bouquets; but also for creating simple, country garden arrangements in and of themselves. Without a doubt, and at first blush, it does seem_quite perfect in […]

Clean Your Air! 6 of the Best Plants for Air Purification

The wonderful thing about spring is that we’re now able to throw open our windows and doors and let in some much needed fresh air after such a long, cold winter.  But, as we Canadians know, the time we’re able to enjoy open windows and doors is very short.  That said, there is another great […]

Delicious Succulents!

Succulents are definitely having a moment.  From flower (Inspire has tons!) and funky housewares shops to grocery and hardware stores, they’re just everywhere!  Not to mention the incredibly beautiful trend of including them in lush and vibrant bridal bouquets and unique centrepieces, not to mention a lovely and long-lasting way to spruce up an antique […]

May Workshops: Tons Going On For Beautiful DIY Home & Garden Decor!

The sun has been shining and spring is in full swing with our May workshops!  Not surprisingly, we’ve got a ton of creative opportunities on tap at Inspire Floral Boutique as well as our BRAND NEW WORKHOP & REGISTRATION CALENDAR – whooooooop!  We are making it easier than ever to book your spot to make […]

New In Store: Flowering Plant & Tropical Greens Galore!

This recent blast of spring-like weather along with the massive shipment of flowering plants and tropical greens has us very excited! In addition to creating incredible arrangements with our huge variety of cut flowers we get to play, letting the creative energy loose, with the new selection of flowering plants and various tropical greens just […]

Valentines Day: The Shakespeare Connection

Days are getting longer and the daylight has us seeing a smidge of light at the end of the dark, cold winter tunnel.  To help bring a little much needed light into our lives, we can look forward to Valentines Day, a pleasant little reminder to show our appreciation to others and hope that someone is […]

Valentines Day… It Wasn’t Always Flowers, Sweets & Love!

Regardless your feelings about the mid-winter holiday, the Valentines Day we know is all about taking a moment on February 14th to show those special to us, well, how special they are to us. It’s a lovely reason to celebrate and a wonderful reminder to show our appreciation and love, but what’s really interesting about […]