Behind the Scenes. Team Profile: Our Beloved Part-Timers!

Behind the Scenes. Team Profile: Our Beloved Part-Timers!

Behind the Scenes. Team Profile: Our Beloved Part-Timers!

Between flowers, gifts, and new this summer, our Inspire Fudge Factory, this is one busy little shop! As we’ve mentioned in an earlier post, none of it would be possible were it not for the incredible team we are so fortunate to rely on to help make it all happen.

Part-timers fill the gaps to keep things running smoothly

While Inspire depends on an enviable group of full-time staff that keep things rolling, regardless the season, on a consistent basis everyday, we want to give a little well-deserved recognition to our fantastic team of part-timers who also play an integral role in the success and growth of this business. Sales Associates, Brenda Hall and Deborah Downing, both part-time seasonal employees  jump aboard when we need them most: late spring through early fall. We are always excited and happy when this time of year rolls around because we know these fabulous ladies will be coming back to work once again!
Inspire Floral Boutique part-time staff profile

Brenda Hall

Brenda started with us back in the BeGifted days and moved right along with us into Inspire Floral Boutique. Always bubbly, cheerful, sweet and happy, the Brenda giggle makes everyone smile! A ready smile and a team player she’s just a complete ray of sunshine; always looking at the small details and finding ways to help improve service to our customers.  We so appreciate her commitment to ensuring Inspire customers have a positive experience, greeting everyone who comes in the door with her trademark smile. Another entrepreneurial spirit, Brenda owned and operated a hair salon and scrapbook store for ten years. A loyal customer of ours in the years of BeGifted, in addition to appreciating the products (and a healthy addiction to Kameleon jewelry!) as well as the friendly atmosphere of the shop, she decided to join our small team. In addition to Kameleon, Brenda is a fan of the various product lines, the fairy gardens and home decor, in particular. Being a fan of the products makes it easy for Brenda to share her knowledgable insights with our customers, making her service to our clientele enthusiastic and truly top-notch. She’s also fond of giving Jason a hard time! Living bi-provincially, Brenda splits her time between her home in Drumheller, Alberta and summers spent in Radium. Working part-time allows her the flexibility to be back-and-forth while enjoying time with family and friends, hanging out with her beloved cats, and continuing to scrapbook in her spare time. Solid as a rock, reliable, friendly, always eager to help, Mama Bear protector, Debbie has been with the Inspire team for almost eight years.  As a dual citizen she has spent a lot of time in both the US and Canada and seems to know someone from almost everywhere and is always looking for ways to help our customers.
valued part time staff

Debbie Downing

Debbie also comes from an entrepreneurial background (a wonderful asset in our part-timers!) having previously owned a bakery and coffee shop as well as a Bed & Breakfast. She also brings a solid history in customer service and sales having gained experience working for Hudson’s Bay. Fortunately, she made the acquaintance of Jason who encouraged her to consider some part-time work. A chocolate lover, Debbie is enthusiastic about the entire chocolate collection Inspire carries and she’s excited about our delicious evolution into fudge! With solid knowledge and experience with our product lines Debbie is more than happy to help people find just what they’re looking for and, fortunately enjoys working with us all! While she loves the time she spends at work, she is happiest spending time with her grandkids, gardening, and boating on the lake. An integral part of the Inspire team, we absolutely love every season Debbie is here and always feel a bit sad when she flies south for the winter. A big, hearty THANK YOU to our delightful part-time staff!